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Investment Listing Overview

1. Investment Summary Details

Full Commitment: Entire funded loan amount through Ignite Funding, our loan originator.

Available: Note offering amount available to investors on our platform. If you are seeking investment opportunities larger than the amount available, please contact us and we will work with our loan originator to meet your request. 

Investor Interest Rate: Expected annual interest rate of the investment.

Minimal Investment Amount: All note offerings require a minimum of $1,000. 

Maturity Date: Date listed is the final maturity date if a borrower chooses to utilize their optional extension.  Initial maturity term is listed in the Financials section.

Borrower: The organization the funded amount is being lent to.

Loan to Value Ratio: Relationship between the loan amount and appraised value of the asset. When LTV is not shown, the loan originator does not have an appraisal and therefore can not provide a LTV.  

Ignite Funding generally lends within the following loan-to-value ration ranges depending upon property type, location, and other relevant factors associated with the property:

  • Land Acquisitions - Up to 65% of the acquisition value of the land
  • Development - Up to 70%
  • Constructions - Up to 75%

2. Investment Window

The investment window indicates the amount of days remaining to invest on a note. If you have previously taken assignment on a note and the investment window for that particular note is open and the funded amount isn't fully funded, then one can take additional assignments on the note.

3. Investment Calculator

Tool accessible to investors to calculate targeted interest earning based on the investment amount, loan term, and interest rate. 


General information pertaining to the property and project.


Find all the note offering details in this section. 

1. Payment: Interest payment schedule.

2. Term: Borrower's loan term available with optional extensions. The months displayed in the calendar reflect the amount of months remaining to date, not when the loan agreement began.

3. Valuation Amount: The value of the property.

4. Exit Strategy:  Borrower's strategy to repay the loan upon the completion of the term.


Learn about the trusted borrowers in this section.

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