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Step-by-Step Registration Guide

Connect Invest works with various third-party vendors to streamline the verification process in order to adhere to compliance standards established by the company and required by SEC regulations. You will be contacted directly by these third parties for more information required to complete compliance verification in your account creation. 

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Below is a step-by-step guide to help you get started on our platform.

1. Create a Connect Invest account here

2. Once you submit the form, please verify your email address

3. Upon verifying your email, you will be guided to a short questionnaire.

5. Continue to the registration and identity verification forms

6. Review documents

7. Our system will work with our third-party vendors to verify your information, once successfully verified, you may continue the registration.

If you are prompted to upload a document for further verification, click here.

8. Enter the dollar amount to initially fund your Connect Invest wallet from your banking source you'll establish in the next step.

9. Link your bank account to your Connect Invest wallet.

10. Registration confirmation

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