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Username and Password Combination Is Incorrect, Please Try Again

An investor may see this error message if they signed-up with another email address, or incorrectly entered their email or password.

Error Message:

1. Check to see if you entered your email correctly - if not, type in correct password and attempt to sign-in again.

2. Carefully enter your password and attempt to sign-in again. If you forgot your password, follow steps to reset your password.

3. If you've attempted to sign in three or more times and you continue to receive the error message above, it means you don't have an account established with that email address. Click here to get started.

  • It's possible you may have entered your email incorrectly at the start. If that's the case, it's best to start again
  • If you receive an error message at the Sign-up stage stating "An Account Can Not Be Created With That Email Address", go here for steps to continue

4. If you get locked out after three failed attempts, go to Locked Account | Reset Password and follow steps to unlock your account. Only one of our Client Relations Specialists can unlock your account for you.

If you get caught up at any stage and need help or have questions please message us or call 866-795-7558.

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